Oh man, here we go!

For nearly my entire life I’ve been passionate about cars. Life always seemed too busy though with family, work, moving and other hobbies that I really never got past the point of magazine dreaming and having the occasional “fun car”. Now that my world seems to be settling down, kids getting older, and (most importantly) back to living on paved roads, the dream of a dedicated track car is actually a reality.

The final nudge into an all out car search came after joining a friend at the Monterey Historic Races, where BMW was the featured manufacturer. Seeing all the various 3-series BMWs racing around Laguna Seca with guys my age (or much older) made it all seem so attainable! My friend was laughing during the action as he knew what I was thinking and about to do as soon as I got home. Craigslist here I come! Long story short, a 1994 BMW 325is was in my driveway in a few weeks.

Now, to be clear, I have no aspirations to become a professional racing driver, but no reason this can’t become a fun hobby. I spent many days in my youth in a go-kart but it was driving around freshly mowed fields, not competitive karting events.

This will all start locally with some orange cones in a big parking lot, autocross. Nothing dangerous, just drive the car to the events, but great competition. Seems like a logical way to begin.

The plan is to build my BMW E36 Chassis-ed 325is into a SCCA STX class specification racer.

Enough back story though, take a look at where the car began, projects undertaken, track results and future plans!

2 thoughts on “Oh man, here we go!

  1. John Zueck

    Very nice!! Give me a year or two and I’ll jump in too. Then I’ll have two kids in college but lots more time on my hands hopefully. It seems like you can get in pretty cheap so we will see.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!
    John Zueck


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