Welcome to Brent Ford Racing!

This website is all about documenting the entire process that it takes for an amateur, with no racing experience, to build up a track car and get into the action.

Take a look at the posts detailing the progress and recent track times in the Developments section. You can also view the current state of the BMW 325is (E36 chassis) in the Garage section.

I’m currently autocrossing my car in the Colorado front range at local events. It’s running with a stock M50 2.5 liter engine (now supercharged), stripped interior, M3 limited slip differential and “racey” suspension (coilovers, reinforcements, stiff bushings, etc).

My hope is that you find all of this informative, inspirational, or just plain entertaining.

List of posts (the most recent is first):

BMW E36 Clutch Installation with Pilot Bearing Replacement

BMW E36 – M50 / S50 / M52 / S52 Connecting Rod Bearing Replacement & Upgrade

BMW E36 – M50 / S50 / M52 / S52 High Performance Head Rebuild & Upgrade

BMW E36 – Trunk Lightening and Quick Release Spring Latches

BMW E36 – Stewart Warner Water Pump vs OEM Style Welded Steel Impeller

BMW E36 – Mounting a Halotron Fire Extinguisher in my Car

BMW E36 S52 Engine Swap –Upgraded PRD Oil Pump

BMW E36 S52 Engine Swap – Parts List and Valvetrain Selection Discussion

BMW E36 S52 Engine Swap – Long Block Strip and Planning

Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion Pictures and Tech Overview – 2019

BMW E36 fuel starvation elimination kit install

Manzo catback exhaust install and review on my BMW E36

Event 1, 2019 – My BMW E36 is way faster than me now!

Further chassis stiffening, AKG Motorsport shifter and 3.91 gears installed in my BMW E36

Vortech V2 centrifugal supercharger install in my BMW E36

My favorite BMW performance parts websites

Monterey Historics – 2018

BMW E36 sunroof delete and larger sway bar install

More Power! Upgrading and modifying the BMW E36 engine.

Getting ready for racing in Colorado!

Event 1, 2018 – That was fast!

Real race cars have wings!

Practice #1 – Setting fast times!

Turning my BMW E36 into more of a dedicated race car

BMW E36 Winter Project – Manual Steering Rack, Oil Pan, Valve Cover and Control Arms

Racing seat installation in my BMW E36!

New Racing Tires! Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R’s for the BMW E36.

A gearhead’s dream – Monterey Historics!

Event 7 – It’s dry! Let’s go fast!

Event 2 – Still racing in the rain…

Novice School. Getting a lot faster!

Viewer questions. No, I’m not a Formula 1 driver…

The first event. E36 racing in the rain!

Prepared to go, with test drive!

Chassis rear subframe reinforcement in the BMW E36

Get the power down! Swapping in an E36 M3 LSD.

The quest for a solid foundation – BMW E36 bushings

Let’s make this BMW E36 handle better with Ground Control suspension!

Whoa! What is SCCA STX and the racing really like?

Let the fixing begin! AKA sealing the leaks in the E36…

What to get? A BMW E36!

Oh man, here we go!