My favorite BMW performance parts websites

I’m still in the process of finishing up a few projects on my BMW E36 over the winter but not quite ready to blog about them. In the absence of one of my normal posts, I thought that I would let you know of several sites that I regularly visit to look for new parts (both performance and replacement) and inspiration in the build-up of my car. I hope you find them as useful as I do!

In no particular order, here they are:

ECS Tuning – Great prices on OEM and aftermarket BMW parts as well as innovative performance products and kits for car improvement

Turner Motorsport – Similar to ECS tuning with OEM and aftermarket BMW parts but they also have a race team so they sell race parts

BimmerWorld – Similar to Turner Motorsport as they focus on performance but also carry replacement parts

BavAuto – OEM and aftermarket BMW replacement parts mostly

Pelican Parts – These guys have posted numerous DIY articles on parts replacement for the BMW E36. A great resource that I’ll usually take a look at before jumping into a project. Also a good place for OEM and aftermarket BMW replacement parts.

Active Autowerke – BMW performance parts for both a street driven car as well as for racing

Garagistic – Specialized BMW performance parts normally focused on suspension and chassis. Some really innovative products.

Condor Speed Shop – Another specialized BMW performance parts manufacturer that’s mostly focused on bushings but also has other chassis components

Vorshlag Motorsports – BMW performance parts manufacturer and supplier focused mostly on higher end suspension components but also have other race components

Ground Control – Great BMW suspension systems. What I use!

Hard Motorsport – Focused on their own line of BMW race body panels, interior parts and chassis components. Great stuff!

MKAH Motorsports – Similar to Hard Motorsport but not as extensive of a selection of parts. Some cool stuff though.

AKG Motorsport – BMW performance and race parts that are well proven in the world

VAC Motorsports – High end engine performance improvements such as stroker kits and custom head work. If I only had the money…

Craigslist – I’ve found so many great deals here that it’s definitely well worth checking out every few days to see what comes up for you locally. I’ve been able to pick up wheels, limited slip differential, supercharger kit and a few other smaller items.

You can spend a lot of time checking out all of these sites but I think it will be worth it! Good luck with your own build!






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